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Hire Montanans First Act

Buy Made in Montana Act

Rural Prosperity

Expand the Apprenticeship Tax Credit

Invest in Broadband infrastructure

Renewable Energy Worker Training Grants

Paid Family Leave

Childcare incentives


Protecting health & safety of students (remote learning resources; lunch debt waiver, Special ed. funding)

Reduce college debt, build the state's workforce (funding for 2-year institutions; career and technical ed. in middle and high schools)

Investing in Montana's future leaders (public pre-K; college tuition freeze; Student Borrower Bill of Rights)

Support good-paying jobs (Quality Educator Payment; Apprenticeship Tax Credit: protect pensions)



Support good-paying manufacturing jobs (funding for the Growth Through Agriculture Program through the Coal Severance Tax Fund to help Montana producers and manufacturers to create more good-paying jobs via value-added agriculture)

Support COOL (beef and pork)

Montana meat (support local meat processing: Made in Montana/Grown in Montana labels for meat)

Hemp as a crop (invest in infrastructure; work to open feed market to hemp; treat hemp producers fairly)

Supporting "Right to Repair" legislation for ranchers and farmers



Increase investment into suicide prevention.

Create a Veteran Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Council

Expand access to rural broadband and telemedicine

Preserve and protect Medicaid Expansion

Strengthen authorization and acceptance of VA education benefits for curriculum and programs

Provide for equal and fair treatment of National Guard members

Increase the apprenticeship tax credit for veterans and military technical training and certification

Streamline Occupational Licensing reciprocity for military family members

Support elementary and secondary school transition to include children of the National Guard and Reserve

Support military families members entering the workforce

Support veteran outreach to ensure services are being delivered

Support a program for donors to give hunting licenses to disabled veterans

Public Lands

Protect and expand Public Access 

Strengthen Habitat Montana

Public Access Lands Act (open landlocked public

Block Management (better compensate landowners while still allowing

Unlocking public lands (promote this increase landowner participation)

Advocate to expand and maintain Fishing Access Sites

Protect Stream Access


Protect the health and safety Montanans through COVID-19 pandemic

Preserve and Montana's Medicaid expansion

Protect Montanans pre-existing conditions

Bring down the cost prescription drugs

End price gouging by Big companies

Increase access behavioral and rural health care


Presumptive health coverage for PTSD for first responders, law enforcement and fire fighters

Workplace Health Safety Standards

Predictive Scheduling

Fair Work week

Prevailing Wage Enforcement

Apprenticeship Utilization

Support Unions

Best Value Contraction 

Affordable Housing support

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